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ProBatter simulates game-like situations better than any other pitching machine. The ability for ProBatter to consistently control velocity, spin, break and arm angle allows for rapid player improvement.

ProBatter pitches can be adjusted to throw at identical speeds as HS, College, Minor and MLB pitchers. This cannot be duplicated by any coach. ProBatter allows the instructor to watch the players swing and make minor adjustments between pitches.

As a parent of two Div 1 Athletes, I recognize that at every level a hitter improves by the constant repetition of the proper fundamental skill. ProBatter provides the repetition in a game environment.

It is not soft toss, it is not front toss, it is not coach throwing BP from behind the net. It is a major league pitcher staring down a batter from 60ft away.

My son plays at the highest level of travel baseball in the state of Texas. He went from the lowest average on his team at 14U to leading then team at 15U by a wide margin. I attribute his success to a combination of work ethic, instruction and ProBatter.

- Eric Metzger
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